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Meds 4 the Masses is a community-centered enterprise that cares about the medicine and people first! Founded by Bay Area native, artist and educator Douglas (Pharoah) Stewart, Meds4Masses’ tribe embodies a unique blend of healers, health practitioners, cultivators, and purveyors of health and wellness. With over 25 years of experience bringing arts, technology, innovation, wellness, healing and education to CA and abroad, the addition of this medicine (that we know as cannabis), is the perfect spice added to the medley of our traditions and mission.

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Grown locally, harvested spiritually.

All of our premium cannabis products are developed in house with the highest standards and care for the plant, product, planet and customer in mind.



Art speaks to the soul the way water speaks to flowers. On our CannaArt page, we will be highlighting some of our favorite local and visiting artists. From street art to ancient art, come learn and grow with us. Shout out your favorite artist from the past or present  on our Instagram page.

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Our Meds 4 Masses community strives for a balance of innovation and tradition in the cultivation and creation of cannabis products. The community has developed organically over the last decade with members bringing diverse experiences, education and knowledge.

Equity Permit Program

Kurated is proud to be a part of the equity program

In the Spring of 2017, the City Council enacted an Equity Permit Program that addresses disparities in the cannabis industry by prioritizing the victims of the war on drugs, and minimizing barriers of entry into the industry.

Kurated is proud to be a part of the equity program as it does bring certain benefits but the work is not nearly done! We still have long ways to go to try and balance an equitable track amongst big canna companies from outside of Oakland and the Bay Area, along with the access to entry points in the market as a whole. We strive provide top quality services, products and support for all of our clients and patients. Please support our efforts by requesting our brands and products on the shelves of dispensaries and delivery companies around California.

Peace, Health and Well-Being

Douglas Stewart, CEO


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