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At Meds4Masses we strive to ensure discreet, safe and quality delivery services to your home residence, business or next night out of the town.  

We have TOP BRANDS on our menu, including our own specialty brands from our affiliate partners.  Let us work for you to make your experience memorable.  Check out our DEALS PAGE to see how you treat yourself right.


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Delivery Brands

Medicine for the Masses is proud to bring our fleet of delivery services to CA and take extreme pride in our customer service, loyalty and product offerings that help heal our communities. We bring clean, tested, high-end brands and products to many clients annually, serving the greater Bay Area and soon coming to Southern CA.  Be on the lookout!

Some of our delivery brands and brand partners include: Marin Medicinals, Blue Lotus Delivery, Stone Free Delivery, and Kurated.


Cannabis Flower

Private Label Branding

Via our affiliate partner, Kurated LLC, we produce a number of innovative in-house brands and offer an array of services for the cannabis market. 

Marketing, Branding, Printing, Manufacturing, Design and Social Media are what we do best to build brand identity and recognition for ourselves and our clients. We also provide professionals consultation for business’ looking to scale or potentially white label.


Distribution, Storage, Testing & Transportation

We have licensed secured facilities in both Northern and Southern CA to handle all distribution, transportation, manufacturing and testing needs.  We work closely with farmers, testing labs and other co-packing manufacturing facilities to ensure top tier services.

For your manufacturing needs. We have a team of seasoned staff to assist you with any White Label Packaging, Pre-Rolls, Extraction, RnD and consultation needs you may have.  We know the industry.  We are the industry.  Let us help you.

Cannabis Events, PRIVate Affairs & Tourism

We are experts at hosting special events, festivals, and tourism!  Stay tuned to our calendar and mailing list for a host of cannabis related events, workshops, seminars and dining affairs that will surely keep you lifted.

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KURATED Curators of Fine Medicine Sales & Service

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